When You Believe…




a punctuation mark (;) indicating a pause, typically between two main clauses, that is more pronounced than that indicated by a comma.

Every tattoo on my body has some personal meaning to it. This is a marking that, unless I have it covered, I will bear for the rest of my life as a message to the world as to what I am about or was going through at the time. This is my newest addition.

As an mental health advocate and survivor of suicidal thoughts and depression I chose the word believe with a semicolon replacing the letter ‘i’.

This tattoo encourages me to bel;eve that things will be better and that this is not the end of my journey.

It’s one thing to just say aloud or to myself that even though times are hard that they will be better and things will be okay. It’s a total difference when you actually bel;eve that things will be better or different.

The bel;ef in a better way is what makes it happen. When you truly bel;eve that you will be okay, you will be. You have to bel;eve.

Step Out


I’m scared. I’m afraid to do what it is that I really want to do. I’m afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m afraid of losing out on a sure thing even though I hate it in order to do something that may fail but I love.

I cannot continue to live this way. Life is too short to do things that you don’t want to do just because it’s easy and safe. I have to step out and make a splash. Wading in the shallow end may be fine for some but in order to truly enjoy the pool I need to dive into the deep end.

I know there will be struggles in the beginning but there will always be struggles. So why not do something that you love or want? You can’t win if you don’t play.

I thought of this as I watched the video that has been shared and talked about a million times. Steve Harvey is talking to the Family feud audience between shows. His speech was about jumping. Meaning to step out and take a chance at life. Figure out what you’re good at and do it. Make it a life choice.

This is really hard for me to do. I have become complacent and I’m afraid of losing what I already have trying to get to where I want to be. In order for me to grow I need to be able to step out. Nothing is holding me back except for myself.