Khelani – Sweet Sexy Savage

I’ve been listening to this album for a few weeks now and I’m kind of digging it. With its sort of 90s to early 2000s feel, it’s a great album to just turn on and vibe to as you do other things like yoga, reading, cleaning or whatever other activities you choose to indulge in. She reminds me of Rihanna, only if Rihanna could actually sing. No shade to RiRi but come on. Sorry, I ain’t sorry. Some of you may have never heard of her and some of you may have heard of her from her appearance on America’s Got Talent, and a few may remember her from some little sort of love triangle thing she was involved in with some no name rapper dude and a basketball player. As you can see the last story didn’t entertain me enough to learn the names. Anyway, I think her album is actually really good and worth a listen. Check it out wherever you purchase/stream music.

US Appeals Court Rules on Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

Looks like the travel ban, that the Trump adminstration keeps saying is not a ban while still calling it a ban, has been struck down. For the time being at least. The appeals court has ruled against such ban but I’m sure they will find a way around this and further stereotype and unjustly persecute people and sent them from entering this country based on their religious beliefs. Kind of ironic since this country was founded on religious freedoms. Yeah, those people that came here and “founded” this country did it due to religious persecution in their home country and wanted to be able to freely practice their religion without fear of death. I guess it only works that way if it’s the Christian religion that you serve. Anything else is unacceptable. 

Muslim Ban ruled against in appeals court

I Need To Work On My Penmanship

When was the last time that you actually wrote something to someone? Not too often for me. I do write daily in my journal but those are noted to myself and I can read my own handwriting. Sometimes. I don’t often write in script to people thanks to technology. I’m either emailing, texting or instant messaging. I can’t remember the last time I mailed a handwritten letter. Maybe home from camp when I was a kid. Maybe?

I really need to work on my penmanship. Like for real for real. It is horrible. One of my friends even suggested that it looks like I wrote this with my feet. My feet! I’m sure there are 3rd graders with better formation of letters than mine. Damn shame…

Cassette (Chrisette) Michelle’s Failed Attempt At Speaking For Us. Girl, Bye

So I just finished listening to Cassette Michelle’s interview with the Breakfast Club. I also read her interview with Rolling Stone as well. For those of you that don’t know who I’m referring to, her real name is Chrisette Michelle and she is an artist with a phenomenal voice that decided to ruin what was left of her career and throw away what little fanbase she had left when she decided to accept the invitation to perform for the inauguration of Donald Trump. 

I love her voice and I think she’s gorgeous but she is also delusional as hell. Girl, you really thought you would have a sit down with him so you can ‘start a dialogue’ or so that they can ‘see what we look like’? What you smoking and pass me some. You are the hired help and even if he was there he is not going to speak with your h-list celebrity ass. No shade or disrespect, or maybe just a little, but you don’t have the juice, homie. 

While I’m not knocking anyone for getting a check. Hey, I don’t know your life or your bills. If it’s about a check then just say it’s about a check. Just be like, aye y’all Sallie May and Navient been hounding me about these student loans or Wells Fargo want this mortgage on the first and since y’all not buying my albums I gotta do what I gotta do. I have no issues with that. Like I said, I don’t know or want to know your financial situation. Just don’t get up here and act like you’re the self proclaimed voice of the black people or that by you performing that will somehow bridge the gap to racial equality. If black folk don’t really know or support you why would you think Trump supporters even know who you are? To them you are just another black girl with a nice voice. Miss me with the foolishness.

You really are just like your new album title, no political genius. And speaking of albums, why would you think people would support a spoken word album when they don’t even support your singing? Where are your people? Oh, I forgot you said they disowned you when you decided to sing for your supper.

I could go on but I’ll just stop here. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Do you, boo boo. Do you.

Twiddlecube review

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted but that will come to an end! I’m back with a review of another product that has helped me tremendously.

First off, I am not paid by any of the people that I do reviews on, not do I receive free products beforehand. These are items that I have purchased myself and used that I think can help others.

So the product that I’ve been using lately is called Twiddle cube and it’s from the lovely people from Basically, it’s a cube that you can carry around in your pocket or bag that you whip out and twiddle or fidget with to help with your anxiety issues. Or just to pass the time. It helps you in stressful or high anxiety situations where you would normally tap a pen, shake your leg, rap your fingers on the desk etc. Now you can simulate those similar activities to calm you without disturbing others.

There are 6 sides to it since it is shaped like a cube.

1. Light switch: has a slight clicking sound when switching it from side to side but if held it will be silent.

2.Rolling ball and gears: the gears are similar to a bike lock and textile. The ball is smooth and also clickable.

3. Buttons: 5 buttons with 3 audible clicks and 2 silent ones.

4. Indented smooth surface: This side reminds me of those smooth rocks that you rub to calm down or for relaxation.

5. Joystick: simple rotating joystick.

6. Flat rotating surface. Similar to the joystick, but flat.

I love this thing! The only issue I am having is the audible clicking. I love the click sound and it is soothing to me. This is kind of a gift and a curse. A gift because the sound of the click helps me. A curse because it still sounds like I’m clicking a pen and I’m probably disturbing others. The reason for the cube was to help with my anxiety without disturbing others. There is a solution though. The clicking sound can be muted by either pressing down on the object with a little force to silence it (I.e. the light switch) or just slowly pressing it (I.e. the rolling ball). I like that twiddlecube thought to add this feature. This way when I’m alone or in an already noisy place I can click to my heart’s content but when I’m in a meeting or area where silence or anonymity is important I can still use it. Not all of the features are audible either so I can always use something like the gears or joystick as well.

All in all, I love this product and I think that anyone with anxiety issues like ADHD or any type of stress disorder would love it as well. Check them out at

Discovering My Past

So I’m on a journey of discovery. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t really know the next step. In order to know your future you need to know your past.  I ordered a DNA kit from so that I can learn my history and hopefully that will lead to me knowing my future. Sort of?

I can’t wait for the results to come back in about 6-8 weeks. I’ll keep you posted as I go down this journey of not only self discovery but self awareness.