Where I’ve Been – Work Edition

Okay so remember earlier when I said I’d explain more about where I’ve been later? Well here’s the work part of it.

Picture it. Atlanta 2018 *in my Sophia Patrillo voice*. I apply for this job with company that shall not be named. The position I applied for is in DC. It’s cool. Well they decide that they want to fill the position internally. Cool, no problem. The recruiter tells me that even though that position is no longer available there is another position that I would be perfect for but it’s overseas. Pretty much same position just in a different country. Overseas you say? I’m perfect for it? Okay let’s do it!

So I go through all the formalities; physical, shots, passport updated blah blah, quit my job sell all my goods and move to DC expecting to be here for 2 months for training and on my way to Qatar.

I arrive and from that moment I should have known this was not the right move. First off, I couldn’t contact my recruiter. Then when I finally got in contact they kept pushing my start date back saying I need to do this or that first. I would do what they want and ask if there was anything else and they would say no. Then later would say oh yeah we need this or that. Jjusr a big run around. I was supposed to start in November then that got pushed to December. Then the shutdown in January. After the shutdown all of a sudden they don’t have the funding and they pulled the offer.

Get this, they didn’t even try and find me another position within the company after they knew they jerked me around for the last few months! I ended up finding a different job at the end of January.

I still can’t believe that this happened. It also helped to cause my relationship to fail. Well that and other issues as well but that really caused a lot of strain on us.

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