Insecure (s2e2) And Ballers (s3e2) Recap

Here is my recap of this week’s episodes of Insecure (season 2 episode 2 “Hella Questions” ) and Ballers (season 3 episode 2″ Bull Rush”).

You can check this out as well on my podcast at Let’s start with Insecure;

Issa and Molly are trying to figure out if fucking Lawrence was a good or bad thing. He hasn’t really responded to her texts and such so they are confused. Meanwhile, Lawrence is working out and trying get his shit together. He tries putting the words together to text Issa but somehow can’t seem to find the right words. Maybe they just need to talk in person, because that texting back and forth shit can get easily misconstrued. She’s thinking he’s not responding because he doesn’t care while he’s over there not responding because he can’t formulate the right words. Been there and done that.

Molly has questions and she wants answers. She’s in therapy trying to get her feelings and emotions together. Can I say that I’m proud of her for seeking help. Like I said last week, I hope this sparks more black people to seek therapy and not just prayer. 

So the girls meet up at Amanda Diva event for one of her clients at the California African American museum. Cool looking spot. They talk dB out going out soon and Issa declines. When they question her, she lies and says that she and Lawrence talked and are basically getting back together. This is when Amanda starts dropping hints that her and her husband were going through some shit but are good now. When pressed she quickly switched the subject and moved on. More to that story will probably come later in the season. Issa finds out about Tasha… She tries to act like it didn’t affect her. Goes to the bathroom and does what she does best, rap in front of the mirror. 

So she goes over to see Lawrence to confront him about Tasha but he’s not there he’s actually over at Tasha spot. While Tasha and Lawrence are just chilling and talking. She’s about to invite him to a family barbecue when he tells her he slept with Issa. Breaking her heart. Dammit Lawrence! Get it together! And he’s finally about to move out of his friend’s place. 

Tasha look like the type that doesn’t take this type of shit well. Like I’ll slash your tires type not taking it well. 

Molly is trying to work her way up by being “one of the boys” but I don’t see this plan working. She doesn’t know anything about hockey, but in all fairness who really does? Iont even think hockey players know all the rules. She does know how to converse and she seems to be doing a good job at it. She’s learning the game from the boss so that’s a good thing. 

So now Issa is back home and basically stalking Tasha Instagram page. And the principal at the school is low key racist. Well not even really low key. Just racist towards Latinos. 

So Molly gets to work the next day and it doesn’t seem that her plan has gone the way she wanted she is still on the outside but maybe she made some headway… 

Lawrence is still on that damn air mattress. While Issa is still stalking Tasha. Now she knows how Lawrence and Tasha met because she saw that Tasha works at the bank he uses. What does she do? The next day she goes to see her at the bank. She imagines herself walking up and punching her but it’s only a dream. Tasha probably would have whipped her ass. 

Molly and Lawrence have an awkward exchange when they run into each other. She pleads a case for how good Issa is and that she’s not a cheater. She just cheated. Meanwhile she’s stalking Tasha and Molly calls. Come to find out they set that accidental meeting up and she finds out that Lawrence has moved on and is done with her. 

I feel bad for Tasha. I feel like she was caught in the middle of Lawrence and Issa bullshit. She’s the real victim in all this. 

The episode ends with Issa about to enter her hoe phase. She texts some dude on tinder and asks if he’s tryna fuck? No, Issa. You don’t have to go through this hoe phase. Yes you fucked up and should pay for it but not like this. 

Now this is what’s happening with Ballers;

The episode opens with Spencer and Ricky meeting at Wayne Hastings casino for a “business trip”.

Joe gets a call from Dallas GM regarding Vernon’s new t-shirts that I said on the last episode would be trouble. They are all about getting high. Of course Vernon let’s his ding dong friend Reggie talk him into promoting in the bullshit while not for once thinking about his image. Joe is gonna have an aneurysm. He’s trying to juggle Spencer’s stuff as well as the other clients as well. 

While in Vegas Spencer runs into an old flame, Chloe. Ricky is out gambling some of his money. You know Ricky is frugal and is not about to waste all his money gambling. 

Charles is going over the footage of his disastrous press conference in hopes of doing better the next time, if there is a next time. 

Spencer is meeting with the mayor about trying to convince her and the tax payers that bringing a NFL team to the city could be a good thing. She tells him that he needs to convince councilman Sawyer. 

So Joe finds a new agent for Kisan in Jason. Kisan is a no show for the meeting and while waiting he gets robbed. Joe is still working on how to solve the Vernon and the t-shirts issue. He meets with Reggie and Vernon to discuss what they are gonna do about this “endorsement deal” from a weed company. They brainstorm some ideas to find him other sponsors so that he will stop promoting for the canibus company. 

Back in Vegas. Ricky is on fire at the tables and they ae making bank. He reaches his amount that he needed and of course, he loses it all after he was told to quit. 

Spencer meets with Chloe over some drinks and they have some small talk. Uggh. Boring. Cut to them in bed. They work fast… 

Jasonis pissed about being stood up and robbed and tracks down Kisan. He thinks that Kisan set the whole thing up but he has no idea as to what he’s talking about. They do have an idea of who did it. So they go over to meet the guy and he gives him back all his money. Apparently Kisan still has pull in the hood. 

Spencer is at dinner schmoozing the councilman by talking about the jobs and opportunities that it could bring. He uses his connect with Cole, I’m assuming she runs some type of escort service to show him a good time. In an effort to show him that he’s down for anything, they take the councilman to a monster truck rally and he decides to drive the biggest and baddest truck there. Of course he crashes. He comes out unharmed ending this weeks episode. 


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