I’m Bringing It Back

Ummm… Hi. Are you there? *tap tap tap* Okay so I know I haven’t actually posted any of my “thoughts” in a while. Yes, I have been doing the daily or rather Monday through Friday, quotes and I love doing that but I have something new up my sleeve.

I haven’t posted a new episode of my podcast because I was trying to figure out the best new format to use and I have been doing some things in the background as well. Anyway, I’m back, Baby!! *Mr. Costanza voice* All my Seinfeld fans will get it.

So I have decided to get back to doing my recaps of television series. Of course I can’t do this the way that I used to. I used to do a scene by scene recap while adding my opinion on what happened into the mix. With the new age of DVR and binge watching thanks to Netflix and Hulu, I had to switch up my style a little. This will be more of a recap and my opinion on what happened.  I will be using my podcast as the conduit and writing a small blurb here as well.

I’m excited to get back to this and start working! The first shows that I’m going to tackle are Insecure and Ballers since they both start their new seasons on 7/23. Sooo… Be on the lookout for more from me on the podcast side and here as well. See ya on Sunday the 23rd or Monday or whenever I get a chance to post and you get a chance to check it out.


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