Sincere Chat Episode 5 – F**K Yo Pre-existing Condition

This week’s episode gets you caught up on the news that you can use. The GOP has finally passed their version of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) aka Obamacare. Well, more like just revised it and renamed it AHCA (Affordable Health Care Act). Basically they just changed pre-existing conditions and removed some funding from Medicare and people are pissed! Trump is still out here campaigning for some reason. He’s upset because the 4 major networks, ABC,NBC, CBS and Fox refuse to run the ad.  The FCC is looking into a joke that Stephen Colbert made about President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “close” relationship.

In entertainment news: Fate of the furious, the 8th movie in the Fast and Furious franchise, has reached over $1 billion in sales after about 3 weeks in theaters.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 made over $427 million globally on its opening weekend.   There is a new original series on Hulu called The Handmaid’s tale and this time Hulu didn’t release all episodes at once like they and Netflix normally do. There is a new episode every Wednesday.  American Idol has a deal in place with ABC to revive the series. While still in early talks, it will be coming back. Ryan Seacrest has a new job. It was announced earlier this week that he will be the permanent co-host of Live with Kelly. so now it’s Live with Kelly and Ryan. And finally, last but not least, 13 reasons why will return for a second season.



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