Lord Willin’ Is An Undeniable Classic

So I’m at work. It’s close to quitting time and a brother’s getting a little tired. One thing that I can always count on to get me through that last 30 minutes slump is music. So I’m scrolling through my list of albums and playlists and I come across this playlist titled “cleaning”. Now why it’s named cleaning, I have no clue. Was it a spring cleaning playlist? Are they all clean versions of songs? There’s only one way to find out. Crank it up. I adjust my headphones and press play. The first song that comes blaring into my ears is Grinding by The Clipse. I nearly lose my mind! When that stuttered drum comes in and I hear “yo, I go by the name, Pharrell” I know it’s on! Mind you I’m at work so I have to keep it professional. I. My head I’m going word for word right along with Pharrell, Malice and Pusha To as if I’m a lost member of the group. my co-workers are none the wiser.

This brings me to the topic of discussion, well there’s really no discussion, That album “Lord Willin'” is a hip hop classic and Pusha T has cemented a spot in my top 5 for life. The Clipse are definitely one of the best groups in hip hop. Though they only put out 3 albums (Lord Willin’, Hell Hath No Fury and Till The Casket Drops) they will go down as one of the greatest duos in hip hop history.  In my opinion.

Even after Malice left to follow God, Pusha continues to release classic material. The kid is lyrically sick. There aren’t too many people in the game that can mess with or even match his abilities. I feel like he’s severely overlooked and underrated. The Clipse ushered in a new sound. Combining the wordplay of Malice and Pusha T with the production of Pharrell and the Neptunes makes this album an instant classic.

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