What a Time To Be Alive And From South Carolina

I’m a Carolina kid. Not born but raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days, get it? Fresh Prince reference? Had to do it. But anyway, this is a great time to be alive and from South Carolina when it comes to college sports. We have 3 different championships in 3 different sports within one year! Crazy! And the University of South Carolina men’s basketball team made history with their final four run. Though they came up short of going on to play against North Carolina for the championship, they did the school and state proud. How crazy would ​that have been if it was a North vs South Carolina game for the championship? The winner would get Carowinds and the loser would get South of the border. Only my North or South Carolinians would really get that joke.

So we have 3 champions. Coastal Carolina University won the NCAA baseball tournament. Then Clemson pretty much murdered the rest of college football and brought that one home for the state. And now the University of South Carolina women’s basketball team beats Mississippi State to win the trophy. And I have to put the men’s team in as honorable mention since they made history by making their first final four appearance and along with the women being the only school to have both the men’s and women’s program in the final four at the same time. 

I’m so proud of my state. We’ve come a long way and still have some strives to make but man, what a time to be alive and from the great palmetto State.


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