Almost There…

So remember when I posted about 8 weeks back about researching my history? Sure you do. Oh, you don’t? Well, here’s a link to Discovering my past. 


My results are finally moving along. They say that there was more demand so it took a toll on getting the results processed. Okay, cool. As long as it’s being processed I’m good. I was getting really nervous and was thinking maybe I’d been had. I’m in the final stages and I cant wait to finally get my results and share them with you. As an African American that was born and raised in the States, along with the rest of my family, I feel like I’m not connected to a culture because I don’t know my culture. Thanks to , you know slavery, selling of families apart from each other and rape of said slaves by their owners. Once I get my results I can feel more connected with my history so that I can plot my future. I’ll be back to update with results once I get them. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time.


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