Knock Me Down To Lift You Up

I’m just putting this out there and leaving it alone. When it comes to women’s empowerment, I’m all for it. But yes there is a but, you don’t need to tear men down or make them feel lesser so that you and your sisters can feel better. When you do this you are no better than the chauvinism that you are fighting against. Fuck your couch.

Another thing, right quick. Stop saying that you are givers of life. It takes two. And while I understand that you carry/incubate that child for 9 months and give labor to him/her, it was a man that provided the seed that grew. Again, don’t discredit me to make you feel better about yourself. Agree or disagree, I really don’t care. These are my thoughts and that’s how I feel. I will support you and your movement for proper recognition, rights, pay and all of that. I draw the line at knocking me down to lift you up. That is all. Have a great day.


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