Dipset Dipset Dipset

I’ve been listening to a good amount of older hip hop recently. Like I just went through my Dipset discography. Yes, I think they are one of the dopest movements in hip hop, but that’s just my opinion, not really based on fact or anything just my bias towards Cam and Juelz Santana. I miss that old(er) music. I don’t want to seem like a mid to late 30’s guy that’s all like “I grew up on real hip hop and everything else is trash”. I mean I do like some of the new rap that’s out now. Not sure where I was going with this other than I would love a Dipset reunion.  That would be awesome but alas I feel that it will never happen. At least not with everyone, the whole gang will never be back together.

I don’t know what it was/is about them that I like so much. I mean they rap about Harlem a lot and I’m not from there. They rap about money, drugs and women. I don’t have money, don’t do drugs, and not much of a ladies man. I think maybe its just the beats and flow? I don’t know, I just find myself nodding my head and reciting rhymes like I’m in a pink fur chilling in a pink Range Rover with an american flag bandana.  ehh…  Anyway, the Diplomats aka Dipset aka Cam and nem boys are one of my favorite groups. You don’t like it? Ehhh.. Your opinion doesn’t matter. I likes what I likes.


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