The Unsung Hero of This Is Us

I have been, like many others, engulfed with the new NBC show This is us. I mean I really love this show and I’m invested for the long haul. This show brings out the eye sweats or some sort of emotional response from me every single week. Some of the story-lines kind of bore me or aren’t interesting enough for me to really get involved. Kevin is the epitome of white privilege, Kate has an interesting story but just not interesting enough for me to care. Can’t really relate to her “struggle”. Not that it’s not a real struggle just haven’t been there, done that. The parents flashbacks are cool but I’m not a fan of the mom or Miguel and definitely not their togetherness. Miguel is kind of creepy to me for some reason.

The one that gets me every week though… The one that I’m truly and fully invested in is Randall and his family dynamic. The other stories I kind of skim over but when Randall & ‘nem come across my screen I’m all in. The only time I have gotten emotional has been relative to something that has happened with them. I feel like I can relate to his situation more than the others, just as I’m sure some can relate to the other stories more. Just for me as a black man, I relate to him. Not even so much as a black man but as a man I can see myself more in Randall than the others. No shade. 

Randall’s story also brings up other issues that could be addressed as well. Issues such abandonment and that need for closure, drug use early in your youth that takes its toll on your health later, anxiety issues and not seeking proper care. This man has been through it all! I feel like he’s experienced everything that goes on in the black community. Most likely on purpose seeing as his family is the only representative of the black people on the show.

I truly love the show and if they ever do a spin-off of Randall’s story, I’m here for it!


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