Cassette (Chrisette) Michelle’s Failed Attempt At Speaking For Us. Girl, Bye

So I just finished listening to Cassette Michelle’s interview with the Breakfast Club. I also read her interview with Rolling Stone as well. For those of you that don’t know who I’m referring to, her real name is Chrisette Michelle and she is an artist with a phenomenal voice that decided to ruin what was left of her career and throw away what little fanbase she had left when she decided to accept the invitation to perform for the inauguration of Donald Trump. 

I love her voice and I think she’s gorgeous but she is also delusional as hell. Girl, you really thought you would have a sit down with him so you can ‘start a dialogue’ or so that they can ‘see what we look like’? What you smoking and pass me some. You are the hired help and even if he was there he is not going to speak with your h-list celebrity ass. No shade or disrespect, or maybe just a little, but you don’t have the juice, homie. 

While I’m not knocking anyone for getting a check. Hey, I don’t know your life or your bills. If it’s about a check then just say it’s about a check. Just be like, aye y’all Sallie May and Navient been hounding me about these student loans or Wells Fargo want this mortgage on the first and since y’all not buying my albums I gotta do what I gotta do. I have no issues with that. Like I said, I don’t know or want to know your financial situation. Just don’t get up here and act like you’re the self proclaimed voice of the black people or that by you performing that will somehow bridge the gap to racial equality. If black folk don’t really know or support you why would you think Trump supporters even know who you are? To them you are just another black girl with a nice voice. Miss me with the foolishness.

You really are just like your new album title, no political genius. And speaking of albums, why would you think people would support a spoken word album when they don’t even support your singing? Where are your people? Oh, I forgot you said they disowned you when you decided to sing for your supper.

I could go on but I’ll just stop here. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Do you, boo boo. Do you.


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