15th Amendment

I exercised my civic duty and 15th amendment right by voting early today. It was great. I was able to go early and get it out of the way. The line was short, there were some glitches but those were man made and had nothing to do with the voting machines. I was in and out within about an hour. I think that timeframe mainly had to do with where I was and what time I went. The voting location that I went to was near my home but in the middle of a business heavy area. I went around their lunchtime. A number of people were there because they decided to pop over on their lunch break as well. There was also the issue of two chatty Cathy type workers taking information that slowed things down a bit. I think that if I went earlier than I might not have had a wait time.

So anyway, I feel good that I was able to exercise my 15th amendment right and cast my ballot. I can’t expect change or have a voice if I don’t vote. You should do the same. Every vote counts.

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