This Has To Stop

This really has to stop. I know we’ve been target practice since we were brought over here against our will as slaves but at some point this has to stop. When are people going to realize that we are not the threat that they think we are? When will police get the proper training that is needed to deescalate a situation? Pulling your gun should be the last and final option not the first and only option.

This is what Colin Kaepernick is protesting. Injustice. Where are the people that villified him for taking a stand, or rather not standing, against injustice? Yeah they’re all quiet now. 

We need to realize that black people can’t make this change on our own. We didn’t cause the issue so we shouldn’t be the sole responsible party for fixing it. This is a group effort bit first white people need to realize that they are a major part of the problem. Once they realize and accept the damage that they have helped to create then and only then can we begin to heal.

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