Tiny House Movement

tiny-house-film-people-06I was watching one episode of the many tiny house shows and there was a family of 4 plus a dog downsizing from like 3,000 sq ft to 250 sq ft. Whoa. There is no way that can be something that is comfortable. You can’t get used to that shift. Especially since they had 2 young kids and a big dog. I just think that tiny homes are for single people, retired older people or maybe as a starter home. I mean a typical studio apartment is what 500 sq ft? If someone told you they were going to sell their 3000 sq ft home and buy a studio apartment to move their family and big St. Bernard dog into, you would think they were crazy. Yet them moving into a tiny house is normal.

I think the tiny house craze has people who shouldn’t be doing it doing it because it’s the new hip and cool thing to do. It’s definitely not for me at this point in my life. Maybe when I was younger and just starting out but now? Nope. Not happening. I have seen plenty of them that look beautiful and come in all different styles from modern to rustic to RV style. Good luck to everyone that wants to or is living in a tiny house. I wish you the best but the way my claustrophobia is setup…

2 thoughts on “Tiny House Movement

  1. We are moving into a 500 sq ft apartment soon. I have been downsizing and getting rid of many things I don’t need. It’s very liberating to get rid of the extras! In a few years we are moving into our boat full time, because what’s better than sailing in the islands and being on the water every day.

    The Tiny Space movement is not for everyone but I’m looking forward to downsizing and moving into a cozier place.


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