The Hawk Has Finally Come Out

Life can be so unpredictable at times. One day its 70° and the next its 30°. This is the freaking winter, in January! What is going on? Maybe there is something to this global warming thing.

I live in Atlanta so the winters are not terribly cold. Except a few years ago when it snowed twice. Every few years we’ll get some snow or sleet but overall it’s not really that cold. This year has been unusually warm for some reason.  The week of Christmas was rain all the way up to Christmas day and then it was like mid 70’s on Christmas. People were actually barbecuing on Christmas day. No lie. Crazy.

Now the winter finally decided to show its face with only pretty much a month and a half left. I have all these winter clothes that I can’t wear because it’s too warm. Ugh. First world problems. I know, but still a problem.

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