Hamilton Beach Brewstation Review

I am a huge tea drinker. In the past I used a tea kettle and would make a cup at a time.  It wasn’t a big deal at the time, I would just heat up the water in the kettle and make my cups as I went along.  That’s how everybody did it right?

I then graduated to the Keurig single serve machine.  Same logic as the kettle but a bit faster and easier.  I was good until my Keurig broke.  Yeah, sucks. Since the Keurig was a gift I didn’t realize the price. As I was wandering through the aisle looking at the prices of a replacement Keurig, I had an epiphany of sorts. Why can’t I use a coffee maker to make a few cups of tea at one time instead of individual cups? So I got one of those small 4-8 cup coffee makers and some family size tea bags and voila! I’m good.

hamiltonbeachcoffeemakerThis brings me to the Hamilton Beach Brewstation Summit 12 cup coffee maker. I realized that the 4 cup coffee maker wasn’t big enough for my usage and decided to move up to a big 12 cup version.  This way I can make a few more cups out of it. This coffee maker is a little different from the other coffee makers out there. The main thing is that there is no carafe to hold the coffee or tea. This is great because there is no carafe to clean or worry about breaking. The liquid is stored in a base of the machine and kept at a certain temperature.  Since there is no carafe there is no heating pad/base that can scorch the carafe and overheat the coffee/tea.  There is also a function for reheating the tea. I like to use the programmer so that I can have some hot tea in the morning before work. Then once I get home I can reheat the rest of the tea to enjoy it once home after a long day at work. There is also a programmable shut off timer. It can be programmed for between 1-4 hours.

I’ve had this bad boy for about 2 months now and I truly love it. When I first saw it I thought I would miss not have a carafe but I quickly adjusted. The only issue that I have with it is that I can’t fit my 16 oz Contigo travel mug underneath. I mean it fits underneath but not flush. I have to hold it at an angle. Smaller normal coffee/tea mugs are not a problem, even a 10 oz travel mug would fit fine, but anything bigger would need to be held at an angle because of the drip tray and that can prevent you from seeing how much you are actually pouring into your cup.  All in all this is a dope machine. If you are in the market for a new coffee/tea maker than I would suggest you consider this.

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