Pay Attention To Your Body

When your body sends you messages, listen.  It’s telling you something for a reason. Right before thanksgiving I had a little health scare. I noticed a lump that had started growing. At first it didn’t hurt or anything so I ignored it. Then it started hurting and became hard. I immediately made an appointment with my doctor to have it checked out.

At first glance we thought it was just a small cyst and with meds it would go away. No big deal. Just to be on the safe side she ordered an ultrasound for a closer look. Turns out it wasn’t a cyst but a hard mass sitting on one of my blood vessels. That is what was causing the pain.

At this point I had two options. The first was to essentially watch it to make sure it doesn’t get bigger and just take meds for the pain. The other was to have surgery to remove it and have it tested. Of course I opted for the surgery. If it doesn’t need to be there then take it out!

So I had surgery the Monday after Thanksgiving and am not recovering. The surgery went well and the mass was nothing more than that. Just a mass. Everything is right again in the world! For now at least.

Listen to your body. When something doesn’t feel right have it checked out. I know most people, especially men, feel like whatever the problem is that it will just go away on its own. While that may be the case for some things it is not for all. Have it checked out by a PROFESSIONAL. That’s what they are there for. I’m glad I was able to get my situation checked out and resolved. Also it is a good idea to do a monthly self check to make sure things are in order and where they need to be. That is how I discovered the lump on the first place.

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