Carb Counting

Carb counting is a must when you are a diabetic. Counting the number of carbs in your meal and dividing that by the number of units of insulin you need to give yourself is time consuming and can be downright confusing at times. Yet and still it must be done for every meal. The difficult part is when you go out to eat. You’re never quite sure how many carbs are in the meal because they don’t supply you with a nutrition label to read from so you have to guesstimate. After many years I kind of have it down to a science and I can kind of eyeball the amount of carbs in the meal but that is not a given every time. I have had episodes where I over estimated or underestimated the amount and found myself in a bit of a pickle.

Reading nutrition labels on all packages is a must. You do not want to go grocery shopping with me, trust that. Once I find something that I like and learn how it affects my body I will eat only that. There are only a few things that I eat on a constant basis. This is more because I know the carb count and it is easier when it comes time to administer insulin. I do like to eat different types of food but I have to be careful with experimenting.

Diabetics are natural mathematicians whether they know it or not.  I thought I was horrible at math until I got carb counting down. Now I can do it without a calculator and almost on auto pilot, I automatically know that this amount of food will equal this amount of insulin. 98.5% of the time I’m right.

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