Lace ’em Up

Lately I’ve been dealing with a number of stress inducing issues. One of the ways I’ve decided to deal with some of them is to lace up a pair of my many running shoes and hit the road.

Running is not a new stress reliever for me, but a goody.  Usually I hit the treadmill but I think I need the scenery to help with the calming process. Not only will I be less stressful but a little healthier in the process.  Some people turn to smoking, some drinking or other forms of narcotics but why do more harm to your physical self in addition to the mental/emotional pain?

I’ve developed a system. I run 4-5 times per week regardless, but I also do a mile whenever things start to become too much (weather permitting of course). This has allowed me in the past to clear my head long enough to make a decision that I don’t think I’ll regret later.

The problem with all this running is that I’m going to end up losing too much weight. I don’t eat enough as is so with the added running its going to be a struggle to get those extra nutrients in. I’m of the mind of eating to live and not living to eat. Not to say I don’t eat but I’m very particular about what and how much I eat. Portion control is a must with me.

I think I may incorporate other training into the mix as well just so I don’t waste away. Being stressed about things I can’t fix or control is driving me insane so hopefully this old habits of running will help.


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