Phone Calls Vs Text Messaging

I absolutely hate talking on the phone. Thank the lord for texting and email. I know that texting and emails can seem so impersonal but at the same time I think that I come off rude when I talk on the phone. I hate small talk and I tend to just say what I need to say and get off the line.

With texting I can go back and forth all day. I can also take my time when I need to respond and actually craft what I want or need to say. Though at times when there is only text involved, what you write may not come off as what you really mean on the other side. Like below: ( I tried to find the censored version but I couldn’t. Has some foul language.  You’ve been warned)

Pick your poison, phone calls or text messaging. I will choose text messaging all day everyday over phone calls. Though it is nice at times to hear a voice on the other end of the line, a text message is quick and easy and straight to the point. Sometimes.


One thought on “Phone Calls Vs Text Messaging

  1. Good blog, straight and to the point. Text messaging can go along way for those who like to receive them and just to brighten up someones day. Use texting wisely.


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