My Newest Water Bottles

So I love drinking water. I drink about 60 to 70 oz a day. I was told that a person should drink 1/2 of their body weight in ounces.  My love of water has led me to purchase a number of different water bottles in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures etc. You can’t exactly return them once you use them so I have a storage container full of them.

I think I’ve finally found the one. Well, at least the one for the house.  I was trying to find a large replacement water bottle that I could use at home that didn’t sweat. I love to fill my water bottle with ice and water and drink from it all day.  The problem I would have with that is the condensation that would build up around the bottle, and since it wasn’t insulated would make the ice melt faster.  I tried some double walled insulated water bottle before but they would crack or somehow not hold up. I think that had to do with me freezing them from time to time.

So this new one that I picked up is  stainless steel 64 oz behemoth of a water bottle. it is double walled and insulated and the other good thing is that it doesn’t give off that metallic smell or taste to the water problem that I’ve had with other stainless steel water bottles. It’s from the brand fiftyfifty and they have a number of different styles and sizes available. the only issue that I have had with it so far is the weight. This thing is heavy for a water bottle. Without the added weight of the ice and water it is still on the heavier side. I think that is because of the stainless steel though.  since I only use this one at home the weight issue is not a big deal or a deal breaker. I have a smaller 25 oz version that I can throw in my bag and take with me.  I have been using the smaller one on a daily basis on the go for the last week and it has held up greatly by keeping my ice and water fresh and cold all day, or until I drink it.

I knew the 64 oz was a good buy and that I needed to get more of them on the second day I got it. I filled it with ice and water at around 6 am and placed it on my kitchen counter. I was planning to take it to work and have it at my desk to drink from it throughout the day. I though if I used the big one I would have fewer trips for refills. Anyway, I forgot it and left it on the counter. I cam back at around 8:30 that night and there was still about 2/3 worth of ice left and the water was ice-cold and great. the outside of the bottle was nice and warm.  It was Pretty much room temperature to the touch yet the water was ice-cold. At that point I knew I had a good water bottle and needed to invest.

IMG_20150516_164805229The one on the left is 25 oz and the one on  the right is the 64 oz.

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