Has Scandal Lost Its Appeal?

I admit that I wasn’t the biggest scandal fan from day one. I was what you would call a social watcher, similar to a social drinker, I just watched because everyone else was and so I could join in the conversation.  The show never really resonated with me because it seemed to glorify the mistress role a little too much for my liking.  I would watch it because it was fun to interact with people via social media during the show. If I watched it alone it was rather boring. Just my opinion.

Here’s the thing that I noticed. The show isn’t as popular as it used to be. I think that when they flipped the storyline from fixing scandals as the main theme and the affair as secondary to the affair being the main thing and fixing scandals as secondary that probably turned a number of viewers off. Me being one of them. The show just seemed a bit more interesting when she was solving cases for people and not being all kissy face with the president or having this love triangle with him and one of his friends.

Ever since Fox’s new show Empire came out, it seems interest in talking about Scandal has dropped off a bit. Even though Empire comes on Wednesday nights and Scandal comes on Thursday, I noticed that Friday when we are typically talking about what happened on Scandal we’re still talking about Empire.

What can Scandal do to turn things around? Go back to fixing scandals. Leave all that lovey dovey love triangle stuff to the soaps.

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