Everything isn’t for everybody

Most of the time when I say this people think that I’m mean or disrespectful. I’m not trying to be this way and I’m truly coming from a good place. I want everyone to succeed and make it at whatever they want to do but sometimes what you’re doing is not really what you’re good at.

I’m sure everyone knows of that person that tries to do something that they just aren’t equipped for. If you don’t, most likely that person is probably you. Everyone knows someone like that. Perfect example is the singer in the church choir that sounds horrible but people applaud and appease them because they are “giving their best for God”. I totally disagree with this notion. They are not doing their best for God and could actually be doing something else. While they may be the worst singer they are one of the nicest people you would ever meet and would be a great greeter or usher. Their talent is in greeting and making people feel welcome not in trying to sing when everybody knows they sound like a cat having its tail stretched while being dumped in water.

Everyone has a talent. It is when you try to force something that is not your talent or gift that things fall apart. The key is to find your individual talent and not try and force a skill that you don’t have. If you just stick to what you do best you will have an easier and better time.

People will often try really hard to continue doing something that they totally suck at instead of enjoying themselves while doing something that they are great at doing. Your destiny may be to be the next great interior designer but you missed out on your opportunity because you were too busy chasing dreams of being the next Betty Crocker. Get your head in the game and analyze what you are good at and what you are bad at and do the good better but don’t let the bad get worse. Okay? Okay.

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