First Quarter Goals

It’s already almost halfway through the 2nd month of the year and 2/3 through the first quarter and I haven’t accomplished a single goal. I’m falling into the procrastination mode. I have set goals for each quarter of the year. I thought this would be an easier way to achieve them if I broke it down every 3 months. I still have time though.

My goals are simple this year. I plan to build on them every year. I find that simplicity works best for me. When I try to do too much at once things fall apart. The goals are simple and probably really familiar. You know the same old stuff; save money, spend more time with family and so forth.

The first half of the year I plan to pay off as much debt as possible and the second half of the year I plan to save as much as possible. During my pay down period I still plan to save. My plan for this year is to get out of debt and have a nest egg for the future.  So far I’m not really off to a good start. I was able to compile all of the debt that I have so far.  Some of them I wasn’t even aware that I had until I pulled my full credit report.. I think that by the end of these 6 months that I’ll pay off the majority of my debts since I don’t have much, but the small amount that I have needs to be taken care of.

I’m looking forward to this year and every year going forward to being more prosperous and financially minded in the future.  I don’t want to have to worry about not being able to do something or take care of an accident or mishap because of money. I don’t want to live that life anymore.  So the first 6 months is all about paying off debts and the next 6 months is all about saving money.

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