Waste of Time/Money

One of the things that I despise in life is when someone tells me that something that I’m doing is a ‘waste of time’ or ‘waste of money’. Umm it’s my time and my money if I want to spend it doing something or buying something that I like them who are you to judge?

This came about because a coworker noticed the different bow ties and sneakers that I wear to work. As she was complimenting me on my style she asked how many bow ties and how many shoes I owned. I wasn’t/am not 100% sure so I gave her a round about figure, that I will not disclose here just know it’s more than 100 shoes but less than 300 shoes and about 40-50 plus bow ties. The next thing she says is ‘oh my gosh! That is such a waste of money’. Then she goes on to try and lecture me that there are people in the world that don’t own shoes. Girl, bye.

I was always taught to respect my elders so she didn’t get cursed out but she did get the side eye of death. I just politely said that it is my choice to use my disposable income how I see fit and that the shoes that I buy are not of her concern and that I find it rude to tell someone that something that they are doing is a waste of time.

She had me so mad! I really really wanted to curse her out but I didn’t. Who does that? Who are you to tell someone that something that they are doing is a waste of time? That’s just so rude to me.

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