Old People Suck

Something that bothers me is when an older person talks down about the younger generation. This really pisses me off. It’s like they weren’t young at one point and didn’t make more than likely the same mistakes.

Instead of encouraging or teaching the younger generation they decide to talk shit about them and what they are doing or not doing. Give me a break.

This came about during a trip to Starbucks. While I’m sitting there enjoying some free wifi and a passion fruit tea lemonade I overhear this guy behind me talking to some lady. He was talking about this kid he was ‘mentoring’. Apparently they were emailing back and forth and the younger kid didn’t really have a grasp on email etiquette and was probably using slang or putting ‘u’ instead of you. Something trivial like that. So he goes on and on about how this young generation has no clue about how to talk to people because of the way they text and the shorthand that they use.

While I hate people that use shorthand all the time of I’m suppose to be someone’s ‘mentor’ then I should probably tell them and not spread their business to some lady I’m trying to impress in Starbucks.

Each one should teach one. It only makes sense right? If you know so much and the younger generation knows so little then maybe you should take it upon yourself to teach them the way to go.


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