Who Gets Sick On Their Birthday? This Guy!

So I have been under the weather since my birthday on December 31st.  Who gets sick on their birthday? This guy!!!! It started out when I woke up with a slight tickle in my throat. When I felt it I just knew it was bad.  As the day went on things just seemed to get worse. The tickle turned into a cough that turned into a fever that turned into a sneeze that turned into me being too weak to do anything.

Thankfully I caught it early and self medicated myself with robitussin and vitamin c which turned out to be a pretty good combo for fighting this thing.  The good thing about when I got sick was that it was right before the holiday so I was able to quarantine myself for the next few days,when you are contagious, without having to worry too much about missing work. So for the next 4 days I stayed in my house in bed under the covers only to emerge every 4 hours to take more medication.

This cold/flu had me so weak. Thankfully I was taking the vitamin c pills and drinking orange juice and other fluids to keep me somewhat hydrated.  The bad thing is that I would force myself to eat to keep my strength only for the cold/flu strain to say “no way buddy, you go throw that right back up!!”.

So now I’m on day 12 and I’m about 89% back to normal. I think the flu strain has run its course and is pretty much over.  The only thing left is this slight cough. My appetite is back with a vengeance!!! I’m starting to slowly gain my strength back.

During my downtime I discovered this wonderful food called soup. I am not sure why I never explored the goodness that it is beforehand.  I have been on the basic chicken noodle kick mostly but I also tried some other stuff like a stuff cabbage one.  I will definitely be exploring more options and flavors. Soup is such an easy thing to make and consume, especially when sick. 

Soup is my new meal of choice and will probably be eating it for every meal for a while. At least until I’m 100% and move on to something else.

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