American Sniper – Review C-

So I read this autobiography by Chris Kyle a few years ago. It was a good book and when I heard it was becoming a movie I immediately thought of Lone Survivor.  The movie Lone Survivor was a really good book that turned into a really good movie.  Needless to say I was ready and excited for American Sniper. Same genre, war story about a modern war.

Once I learned that Clint Eastwood was directing I kind of had my doubt but still thought it would be alright.  I was wrong. I think this movie was horrible. It was very in cohesive and just was all over the place.  The bad southern accent from Bradley Cooper and the poor dialogue during the “family” scenes was deplorable.  I think that is what slowed the movie for me. It made the movie boring and didn’t add anything.

The war scenes were the only scenes of interest and they were quick and poorly cut. I couldn’t even finish watching the movie and I tried twice but couldn’t do it.  This movie is not nearly as good as the book, and needs a definite redo.

In my opinion I give it a C-


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