I’m a huge fan of podcasts. I’m a big fan of This American Life. They have started a spinoff called Serial. It’s really good. If You haven’t heard of it or listened then I suggest you find it on iTunes or wherever because it’s really good. The premise is that they follow and report on one story for the entire series.

The only issue that I have with this podcast is that they don’t seem to focus on what is important. They seem to focus on more of the fluff rather than the meat of the story. This may be just my opinion.

The fact that this is a true story that they are talking about allows the conspiracy theorists like me to actually look up the case along with listening to the podcast. When I looked up the case there was so many other things that they could have talked about to make the show better but I’m sure they have a reason for saying and doing the podcast the way that they did.

The story is of a guy named Adnan that is in jail for killing his ex girlfriend. The narrator of the podcast thinks that he may be innocent and that the trial wasn’t fair or they may have missed something. I think that Adnan is innocent he just got a raw deal from a horrible lawyer and a guy who lied on him. This friend of his actually confessed to helping Adnan after the murder to cover up the murder and didn’t get any jail time or even probation. Jay (his friend) basically got away with murder. I think Jay did it because he was cheating on his girlfriend and the girl that was murdered was going to tell Jay’s girlfriend. I don’t feel that he meant to strangle her to death as much as maybe scaring her into not telling his girlfriend about his cheating ways. This is just my opinion from looking at the case. We’ll never really know what happened because Jay is not responding anymore, Adnan is in jail and has denied from day one and the girl is dead. Dead people can’t talk.

This is all my opinion but from what I have read and heard that’s how I feel.


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