Rock Bottom

So I went to church this morning. I hadn’t been to an actual live in person service in probably over a year! I typically watch online. I tell you the technology nowadays is ruining relationships. No one actually meets or sees people anymore it’s just about Skype or FaceTime or texting blah blah. I’ll save the rest of that rant for another time.

Anyway, so something that was said stuck out to me. I attend Buckhead Church which is a kind of subsidiary of North Point Community Church. Our pastor Andy Stanley said something that really stuck with me. “When you’ve hit rock bottom remember that Jesus is the rock at the bottom”. Wow.

I’ve been meditating on that line all day. Jesus is the hope that anchors your soul (Hebrews 6:19). When the tide comes in or the wind begins to shift and blow you every way He is there to keep you safe and from straying too far.

I just thought I’d pass that on as it touched my heart and hopefully it will touch yours.


2 thoughts on “Rock Bottom

  1. Oddly enough, the sermon at my church yesterday used the same exact verses. The topic was “My Soul is Anchored”… and the message was that if your soul is anchored with God/Jesus, you won’t drift too far from that path. Also, that you should make sure to “drop your anchor” before the storm hits (a.k.a. trouble comes) because if you try to drop it in the middle of the storm, it won’t be as effective to get you through. Hope this helps complement your pastor’s sermon!

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