Choose Your Costume Wisely

One of the either great or bad things about working in a major department store during Halloween are the many people both coworkers and customers that come in dressed in costume. Like I said this can be great for some and bad for others. I can always count on the cosmetics, especially the MAC crew, to do a great job. Some other coworkers and customers can be really creative and do a great job. Then there are the ones that either tried too hard or not hard enough.

There are always the ones that think just putting on some cat or bunny ears with some regular clothes works. No. Then there are the ones that no one knows what they are. If someone has to ask you what you are dressed as you have failed. Your costume should be recognizable. People shouldn’t have to guess or better yet take a picture of you and do a google image search just to figure out what you are “trying”, and I use that word loosely, to dress up as.

Keep it simple. Really. Nobody has time to try and figure out who you are supposed to be. And don’t get mad if people don’t recognize what/who you are supposed to be. If it’s just one person okay but if nobody knows than the problem might be you.

When is it too old to be dressing up for Halloween anyway? I have never really been a fan of dressing up for Halloween so that may be my bias but seeing grown people dressed and trick or treating has me feeling some type of way. Get it together next year.


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