Digital Interviews Are The Future

So lately I’ve been doing s number of interviews and I’ve noticed a new trend. This may not be new but just new to me. I’m doing a number of digital interviews. I’ve had three in the matter of two days.

For those of you like me who aren’t familiar with this concept it’s basically a video interview. They send you a few behavioral questions, you know “tell me a time when you encountered this” or tell me a time when you had to deal with that”, and you just record yourself answering the questions. If they like what they hear they’ll get back to you.

This concept seems kind of cool and where the future of job seeking is headed. No more trying to find a time to schedule a sit down interview, drive all the way there, ask the behavioral questions for about ten minutes and leave. All of that could be a huge waste of everyone’s time if you don’t fit or the company doesn’t fit with you. This way they don’t have to deal with all of that and the HR folks can probably get through more interviews this way.

The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t ask the employer any questions. What if I have a question about the hours or more about the job itself? I guess those questions would be answered at a later date of I’m chosen to move forward.

The digital interviews are cool with me because I can’t do them at my leisure and I don’t have to deal with traffic for a 10 minute interview.


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