Rookie Mistake

Uggh I can be so irresponsible at times. So I used to own the domain and used it for my business. Well I thought it was on automatic renewal but apparently it wasn’t. I find that kind of weird too because I have a bunch of different websites and domain names and they are all on auto renew so you would think that the most important one, my business website, would also be on auto renewal. Guess what I thought wrong!!

Now not only is the domain name gone but the person that bought it is trying to charge me some crazy amount to buy it back. Not happening. I am willing to give up the domain name before I pay someone that crazy amount that they are asking.

So anyway now I’m back to Which isn’t that bad until I get a new domain but it’s not the same either. I’m sure I’ll think of a new domain and this time make sure I put it on auto renewal. Such a rookie business mistake that cost me big time.

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