Fall Is Finally Here

imagesI think fall is my favorite of the 4 seasons. The nice cool weather, the leaves falling and changing colors but most of all the fashion.  I love dressing for fall and even winter. The layering of sweaters and jackets and it allows men to actually dress like men again. The summer shorts t-shirts and tank tops have been replaced with button down shirts ties (preferably bow ties) and jeans or slacks.

Fall fashion is the best fashion time if the year with spring running a close second. Jackets, sweaters and boots are the most important thing about a fall wardrobe. A nice jacket can really set an outfit apart from the rest.  I have this thing for Peacoats. I love them and every winter I try to get at least 2 new ones preferably in a different color since I don’t really grow from season to season and since I take great care of my clothes I can wear them from year to year with no problems.  I think every guy should have a nice navy, black and/or grey Peacoat in their closet. And not the long ones that come down to your knees. Old School. Think the US Navy version, a nice one that stops a little below the waist or at middle of thighs, think the tip of fingers length. New school.

Since I moved to Atlanta a few years ago i haven’t really had a need for a really heavy coat so I make sure my sweater game is on point.  I love sweaters because they are so versatile.  Whether it is a pullover, v-neck, or cardigan either way it can spice up and bring out the color.  The sweaters allow me to wear a bow tie in an off-color that normally wouldn’t go with a shirt or pair of slacks but the sweater ties it all in.  I love me some sweaters especially cardigans.

2014-03-28 08.30.13I love shoes. I mean i really love shoes!!  I have more shoes than the majority of women I know. The Fall means it’s time to put up the sneakers and pull out the boots or even better the sneakerboots.  Sneaker boots are a cross between well sneakers and boots.  Typically made of the same leather and protective qualities of a boot but with the look and style of a sneaker.

The Fall is the perfect time to show off your individual style. With the changing of the seasons comes a change in fashion.


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