Breaking Out of My Shell

I want to be successful in certain professional and personal areas in my life. The only problem is that I seem to get in my own way. I always seem to talk myself out of doing something for fear of failure.  Failure is one if my biggest fears.  I often think that once I fail at something I won’t recover and either move on or try again so I don’t attempt to do it at all. 
I stay within my comfort zone and take the easiest route possible.  It’s kind of funny because I am a great motivator for others to step out of their comfort zone to achieve their dreams but I don’t take my own advice.  This is something that I am working on.
That is one of the reasons I started writing again.  It feels good to get my emotions out there and it also challenges me to do better and be a better person.  I am an introverted person so I like to stay to myself and I don’t really put myself out there but in order for some of my business ventures to succeed I have to put myself and my business out there for people to see. This is something that frustrates and frightens me.  I get nervous in large groups of people that I’m not familiar with and even when I’m around people I know I stay to myself as much as possible. 
The million dollar question is how do I get over this? If I knew I’d be a millionaire. Its not as simple as just going out and meeting people. There is so much more than that involved.
I’m sure over time I will figure it out but just by starting to write again I’m taking small steps towards a larger goal. Any step no matter how small in the right direction is better than no steps at all.

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