Keep Calm and Believe You Can Do It


This is something that I am constantly telling myself over and over again. Just keep calm and believe that you can do it. I’ve talked myself out of so many great opportunities because I was too afraid to step up and accept it. I feel like this has affected me in so many ways both professionally and personally.

I was always afraid that I would fail. Failure is one of my biggest fears. I think that if I can get past the fear of failure the sky is the limit to my potential. Nobody wants to fail but it seems like when I set a goal and don’t achieve it I am devastated and I don’t want to try again. I’m working on it and hopefully I can shake it off and challenge myself to be great.

Right now I am doing some things that are out of my typical comfort zone professionally. This will be a real test of my ability to stick with something and make it work no matter what the initial results. We shall see if I can really keep calm and believe that I can do it.

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