If Money Talks KD Walks

Kevin Durant is one of my favorite players.  He’s a legend in the making on court and from what I hear and see is a great guy off the court as well. He was signed with Nike (disclaimer: I am a huge fan of Nike) but is now a ‘free agent’.  Under Armour has offered him a reported 10 year/$285 million deal that also comes along with some other perks such as building of a community center in his old neighborhood. Nike has until Wednesday 8/27 to either match the deal or let Under Armour win.  

Now for a little background, Kevin Durant is from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area.  Under Armour is headquartered in Baltimore and its founders are from Baltimore, MD.  Kevin is huge on supporting his local area, he holds clinics and such every summer as well as other charity works.  There have also been rumors of him coming back home to play for the Washington Wizards when he enters free agency, but those are just rumors.

Kevin Durant is under new management, Rocnation sports.  This is Jay Z’s sports management extension of his music/media management company Rocnation. We all know that Jay is a great businessman and negotiator,  I’m sure this deal with Under Armour will help cement their relationship by making this the biggest contract in Under Armour and basketball endorsement history.  

I personally think he should stay with Nike but we all know that money talks and if Nike can’t or refuses to match the reported 10 year/$285 million deal I can’t be mad at that.


Source: Businessweek

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