Twiddlecube review

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted but that will come to an end! I’m back with a review of another product that has helped me tremendously.

First off, I am not paid by any of the people that I do reviews on, not do I receive free products beforehand. These are items that I have purchased myself and used that I think can help others.

So the product that I’ve been using lately is called Twiddle cube and it’s from the lovely people from Basically, it’s a cube that you can carry around in your pocket or bag that you whip out and twiddle or fidget with to help with your anxiety issues. Or just to pass the time. It helps you in stressful or high anxiety situations where you would normally tap a pen, shake your leg, rap your fingers on the desk etc. Now you can simulate those similar activities to calm you without disturbing others.

There are 6 sides to it since it is shaped like a cube.

1. Light switch: has a slight clicking sound when switching it from side to side but if held it will be silent.

2.Rolling ball and gears: the gears are similar to a bike lock and textile. The ball is smooth and also clickable.

3. Buttons: 5 buttons with 3 audible clicks and 2 silent ones.

4. Indented smooth surface: This side reminds me of those smooth rocks that you rub to calm down or for relaxation.

5. Joystick: simple rotating joystick.

6. Flat rotating surface. Similar to the joystick, but flat.

I love this thing! The only issue I am having is the audible clicking. I love the click sound and it is soothing to me. This is kind of a gift and a curse. A gift because the sound of the click helps me. A curse because it still sounds like I’m clicking a pen and I’m probably disturbing others. The reason for the cube was to help with my anxiety without disturbing others. There is a solution though. The clicking sound can be muted by either pressing down on the object with a little force to silence it (I.e. the light switch) or just slowly pressing it (I.e. the rolling ball). I like that twiddlecube thought to add this feature. This way when I’m alone or in an already noisy place I can click to my heart’s content but when I’m in a meeting or area where silence or anonymity is important I can still use it. Not all of the features are audible either so I can always use something like the gears or joystick as well.

All in all, I love this product and I think that anyone with anxiety issues like ADHD or any type of stress disorder would love it as well. Check them out at

Discovering My Past

So I’m on a journey of discovery. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t really know the next step. In order to know your future you need to know your past.  I ordered a DNA kit from so that I can learn my history and hopefully that will lead to me knowing my future. Sort of?

I can’t wait for the results to come back in about 6-8 weeks. I’ll keep you posted as I go down this journey of not only self discovery but self awareness.

15th Amendment

I exercised my civic duty and 15th amendment right by voting early today. It was great. I was able to go early and get it out of the way. The line was short, there were some glitches but those were man made and had nothing to do with the voting machines. I was in and out within about an hour. I think that timeframe mainly had to do with where I was and what time I went. The voting location that I went to was near my home but in the middle of a business heavy area. I went around their lunchtime. A number of people were there because they decided to pop over on their lunch break as well. There was also the issue of two chatty Cathy type workers taking information that slowed things down a bit. I think that if I went earlier than I might not have had a wait time.

So anyway, I feel good that I was able to exercise my 15th amendment right and cast my ballot. I can’t expect change or have a voice if I don’t vote. You should do the same. Every vote counts.

This Has To Stop

This really has to stop. I know we’ve been target practice since we were brought over here against our will as slaves but at some point this has to stop. When are people going to realize that we are not the threat that they think we are? When will police get the proper training that is needed to deescalate a situation? Pulling your gun should be the last and final option not the first and only option.

This is what Colin Kaepernick is protesting. Injustice. Where are the people that villified him for taking a stand, or rather not standing, against injustice? Yeah they’re all quiet now. 

We need to realize that black people can’t make this change on our own. We didn’t cause the issue so we shouldn’t be the sole responsible party for fixing it. This is a group effort bit first white people need to realize that they are a major part of the problem. Once they realize and accept the damage that they have helped to create then and only then can we begin to heal.

Today Was Not A Good Day

Having type 1 diabetes, or any autoimmune disease for that matter, comes with its share of good and bad days. Today is turning into a bad one.  It started out fine, but then for some reason made a turn for the worst.  

I woke up this morning feeling great. Got up earlier than normal and went for a run. Came home took a shower, checked my levels, gave myself a shot of insulin, ate a muffin and drank some tea. I was feeling kind of tired so I went back to bed. This was about 7:30am. 

So I’m sleeping away peacefully, only to wake up and make a mad dash for the bathroom that would have given Usain Bolt a run for the gold. I forcefully got rid of the tea, muffin and anything else that was residing in my stomach. At first I’m thinking that this happened because of the muffin. I hadn’t eaten a muffin in a while and maybe that was the culprit. I still think it was but I’m not 100% sure so I’ll let it off the hook this time.

After that I have just been feeling like crap. I’m tired, nauseated, sleepy and just all around lethargic. Normally when this happens it is because my blood sugar levels have dropped but when I check, about every hour, they are actually normal. 

So I have concluded that I am just having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  I haven’t been able to keep anything down, I’ve tried to force myself to eat and I end up just forcing it back up, so I feel like it’s pointless to continue trying to eat. Uggh, this is so frustrating. I just want to be healthy and happy.

New Product Alert: Organic Whipped Shea Body Butter

If you’re anything like me then you have this ongoing battle with dry skin. It is a daily fight to keep my skin moisturized and healthy. One of the ways that I am able to keep my melanin Poppin’ is with this homemade Organic Whipped Shea Butter Body Cream. Yep, homemade as in I made it myself.



The key ingredients are Organic Shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E. You can pick yours up here. The Shea butter is filled with vitamins and natural minerals to soften and treat your skin. The Vitamin E attacks the dryness while the coconut oil helps to keep and lock in that natural moisture that your body produces. This will definitely leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. The great thing is that only a small dab is needed. You don’t have to lather yourself up in it in order for it to work. Do yourself and your skin a favor and purchase some of this Organic Whipped Shea Butter Body Cream. You’re welcome, because you’ll thank me later.