Useful Product Alert – Thread Wallets

Okay so I’m all about dual purpose items. Like a phone that I can use as a phone as well as my mp3/podcast player and a camera/camcorder. It’s such a great thing to be able to combine items and carry less stuff but still be able to use what I need.

thread walletsThis brings me to my latest find, The Thread Wallet.  This is something that I have been trying to find for quite some time. It’s such a hassle in the morning when I’m getting ready to walk out of the door to make sure that I have three things; my phone, wallet and keys. The Thread wallet allows me to only worry about two. Now I only have to worry about my phone and keys because my wallet and keys are now combined into one system!  This may not seem like a big deal to some but its a big deal to me.

I love the fact that they are inexpensive and the designs are limited and ever changing. There are two versions, one without pockets for $12 and one that has two pockets, one on each side, for $16. I think this is a great investment if you want something to attach to your key ring to help combine products. I highly recommend this.  Here’s the one I picked (the Mahogany) shown below connected to my key ring:

mahogany thread wallets

The Trial Of Garrett Palmer

trial of garrett palmerSo off the bat I’ll confess that I’m not really a fiction kind of guy. I love to read but I’m into more of the non fiction stuff like autobiographies, biographies, self-help books and the like. When I was given this book, I was a little skeptical.

I was thinking that this would be just another book written about a non believable story. I was dead wrong! I can’t believe how good this book is. From the moment I started reading this, I couldn’t put it down. even when I didn’t have a chance to read it, like when I’m supposed to be working, I was thinking about what is going to happen in the next chapter.

Without giving away too much of the story, this is a coming of age story that well takes a turn. The ending is so amazing and shocking. I don’t think anyone would have seen it coming. I really suggest this to  anyone that loves a good, well written story that will keep you engaged throughout.

Check it out now, it’s available at

Key to being Happy

Would you like to know how I’m starting to become happier? I stopped worrying about other people’s business and what they have going on. If it doesn’t directly affect me then, honestly I don’t really care. I can’t let your problems affect me and the problems I have as well.

We all have problems so why waste time worrying about someone else’s?  Unless I have found a way to solve their problem then it just doesn’t make sense. If gay people want to get married, let them. If people want to wear their hair in braids, let them. Hell, if they want to run around buckey nekkid (RIP Bernie Mac) let them. If their problems have nothing to do with you then guess what? Don’t worry about it. That is my key to happiness.

Hindsight is 20/20

No ragretsI am constantly looking back at situations and seeing how I could have done things differently.  Even when the outcome is successful I can look back and see where things could have been changed.  The problem is that in life we don’t get very many do overs.  You get that one shot to make it work and that’s it. While I’d love to do my best Marty McFly impression, I can’t change the past. What’s done is now done.

I think that in hindsight I would do a number of things differently. That doesn’t necessarily make things any better or worse but I would do them differently. I wouldn’t have said something that caused that person to walk away or eaten that last slice of pizza that probably gave me heartburn.  I’m always second guessing myself. Even though I know and acknowledge that things happen for a reason, whether I understand that reasoning or not, I still think that I could somehow cause a different outcome by just changing the slightest of things. that stupid butterfly effect.

Yoga Schomoga

For the last couple of months I’ve been having this issue with increased back pain and discomfort. I’m sure it’s because of my crappy mattress but i’m not 100% on that.  I do plan to replace my mattress soon with one of those Casper Mattress that I keep hearing so much about.  Anyway, so the back pain kept getting increasingly worse. This is not the first time I’ve had back pain, the last time I took some over the counter medications, I didn’t want to go the medicinal route this time. I remember a while ago I would do yoga and it would help relieve stress. I figure it can’t hurt to try again.

I think of myself as pretty athletic, while I’m not an Olympic or professional grade athlete I think I’m in pretty good shape.  At least that’s what I thought. My gym has a few yoga classes so I thought I’d jump back in since I’ve done this before. A little too long ago. After the first session I was done! I was so sore and hurt but I slept like a baby. My back was still hurting after the first two sessions but not as much. after about two weeks of going to yoga twice a week, my back no longer hurt and I feel so much better. I’m more relaxed and I sleep so much better. and it’s great after a good workout as well to increase flexibility and help stretch those muscles.

If you’ve never tried yoga before I suggest you give it a try. I really love the hot yoga but that is somewhat of an acquired taste. You sweat more therefore releasing more toxins, or at least that is what my mind tells me.  Anyway if you;re having issues try yoga and see how it works for you.

Taking a Mental Break

Sometimes the best move is to stop. Don’t move forward or backward but stop right where you are. I’m having one of those moments.  Just to seek the clarity that I feel o need to move forward I need to stop and gather myself together.

I’ve had a rough few months.  I’m not quite sure what the future holds for me so I need to reevaluate and repurpose some things, priorities, and people.

Let Them Be Great

So the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. This is great. Of course, my Facebook timeline when crazy. Mostly in support of the measure but there were a few “Christian” folk that were totally against it. Quoting all sorts of scripture and rhetoric to try and say how wrong gay marriage and being gay is.

Here’s my thing, if it doesn’t personally affect you then why are you so worried about it? If you are not gay then really this ruling doesn’t concern you. Even if you are gay, unless you plan on getting married than it doesn’t really affect you.  I’m all for standing up for what you believe and all but this is none of your concern so why concern yourself with it?  It’s funny that  a few of my “christian” folks that are against gay marriage and saying how God did not intend for it and it’s not right, are divorced. Didn’t the bible have a verse or two about divorce and how that is a sin? What about you pork loving bible thumpers?

Their sin is no greater than yours so get off of your high horse and have several seats somewhere. Let these people live the life that they want to live.  Y’all get on my nerves.