Sincere Chats Episode 3

I’m back with another episode of Sincere Chats. This is episode 3, this and going forth I think I’m going to do weekly recaps for my people that may have missed a major story or just didn’t keep up. I got you! Please listen, rate and subscribe. Don’t forget to tell a friend to tell a friend!!

There were a number of things that happened this week. The presidential camp was all in disarray and sending mixed messages. Sending idle threats and dropping bombs all over the place. The NBA playoffs started this weekend, but meh… April the Giraffe finally had that baby! And last but not least, United has been having probably the worst week ever for an airline…

Ivy’s Tea Co.

So I was perusing the innanetz, well more specifically YouTube, and I came across this review of a tea company. Don’t ask how I got there because I have no clue. Y’all know YouTube is a wormhole, you go on for one thing right quick and 2 hours later you’re looking at something totally unrelated and in my case I often forget what I originally came on there to find. Anyway, the young lady was doing a review of this black owned tea company. Now tea is my favorite beverage. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, very seldom, so tea is my main thing. I just love it. And I also love supporting small businesses. Especially black small businesses so this seemed like a win-win situation.

So after I saw this I immediately clicked on the link to their website and started following them on Instagram and Facebook. The name of the company is Ivy’s Tea Co. So I do this quick post on Instagram about how dope they are and ordered some stuff. Well, my tea has finally arrived.

First of all. I love the packaging. Simple but still different. I’m already excited and I haven’t even opened the box yet. So I open the box and…

The first thing I see is this hand addressed card on top. Okay, see now you’re doing something to me. I love handwritten stuff. I always send a personal note when I send my products out too so now I know how the person feels when they receive it and that feeling is awesome! Now if you follow my blog you know my penmanship is horrible but I think that’s what makes mine unique. As they struggle to decipher my handwriting they know that I tried. Or they think a 5 year old wrote it. Anyway, back to the card I received. It was a hand written note from the founder. The founder, y’all!

So I’m all over here gushing and blushing and feeling special inside. Here’s what the packaging kinda looks like. I love it.

So I ordered the black and yellow (left) and green bae (right).

I must confess. I have never had loose tea before. I’ve had the different flavored teas from other major companies but they always came bagged. I knew that these would be loose but I wanted to support and try them anyway.  The instructions printed on the bottle actually helped put my mind at ease that I wouldn’t mess the whole thing up. So I followed the instructions and put the recommended amount of tea in my strainer and fired up the kettle and viola! My first cup was good to go. I tried the Black and Yellow first with just some raw organic honey and dried organic hibiscus. Y’all know I’m a sucker for raw organic stuff.

After letting it steep for about 3 to 5 minutes, I took a taste. Y’all… Y’all! I think I’m in love! I have definitely found a new tea supplier and will be ordering more. So I say all of that to say this; I highly recommend Ivy’s Tea Company. This is a great tea company that I think is going places. Great product, packaging and customer service as well. They get my stamp of approval, for whatever that’s worth.

Lord Willin’ Is An Undeniable Classic

So I’m at work. It’s close to quitting time and a brother’s getting a little tired. One thing that I can always count on to get me through that last 30 minutes slump is music. So I’m scrolling through my list of albums and playlists and I come across this playlist titled “cleaning”. Now why it’s named cleaning, I have no clue. Was it a spring cleaning playlist? Are they all clean versions of songs? There’s only one way to find out. Crank it up. I adjust my headphones and press play. The first song that comes blaring into my ears is Grinding by The Clipse. I nearly lose my mind! When that stuttered drum comes in and I hear “yo, I go by the name, Pharrell” I know it’s on! Mind you I’m at work so I have to keep it professional. I. My head I’m going word for word right along with Pharrell, Malice and Pusha To as if I’m a lost member of the group. my co-workers are none the wiser.

This brings me to the topic of discussion, well there’s really no discussion, That album “Lord Willin'” is a hip hop classic and Pusha T has cemented a spot in my top 5 for life. The Clipse are definitely one of the best groups in hip hop. Though they only put out 3 albums (Lord Willin’, Hell Hath No Fury and Till The Casket Drops) they will go down as one of the greatest duos in hip hop history.  In my opinion.

Even after Malice left to follow God, Pusha continues to release classic material. The kid is lyrically sick. There aren’t too many people in the game that can mess with or even match his abilities. I feel like he’s severely overlooked and underrated. The Clipse ushered in a new sound. Combining the wordplay of Malice and Pusha T with the production of Pharrell and the Neptunes makes this album an instant classic.

What a Time To Be Alive And From South Carolina

I’m a Carolina kid. Not born but raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days, get it? Fresh Prince reference? Had to do it. But anyway, this is a great time to be alive and from South Carolina when it comes to college sports. We have 3 different championships in 3 different sports within one year! Crazy! And the University of South Carolina men’s basketball team made history with their final four run. Though they came up short of going on to play against North Carolina for the championship, they did the school and state proud. How crazy would ​that have been if it was a North vs South Carolina game for the championship? The winner would get Carowinds and the loser would get South of the border. Only my North or South Carolinians would really get that joke.

So we have 3 champions. Coastal Carolina University won the NCAA baseball tournament. Then Clemson pretty much murdered the rest of college football and brought that one home for the state. And now the University of South Carolina women’s basketball team beats Mississippi State to win the trophy. And I have to put the men’s team in as honorable mention since they made history by making their first final four appearance and along with the women being the only school to have both the men’s and women’s program in the final four at the same time. 

I’m so proud of my state. We’ve come a long way and still have some strives to make but man, what a time to be alive and from the great palmetto State.

The Time has Finally Come

So you guys have been following me on this journey of discovery. Well, the results are finally in. I’m so excited! When I got the email notification that my results were ready I was too nervous to look. I had to legit work myself up for about 10 or 15 minutes before I could check.  I can’t front. I did this with 2 of my friends at the same time and they got their results back before me so I was a little crestfallen about it. Well, now it’s my turn to learn my history and trace my roots. 

So, all I know of my history is that my ancestors came over to America via the Transatlantic slave trade. And well, that’s about it. I didn’t know from what other country they came from or anything. I just knew of the American culture and it bothered me for the longest. I have friends from the islands and Africa that are in touch with their history and culture and here I am not knowing about anything but a history of cultural theft and racism. I would say apple pie but that’s Dutch, or hot dogs but that’s Italian. So yeah, the American culture is just racism and theft. Check your history if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, my results are in and I’m so happy! After working up the nerve to actually look at them I was pretty shocked and happy at the same time. I mean I knew I wouldn’t be 100% African or 100% anything for that matter, due to ya know once again, slavery.  Here’s what I found out about myself;


So as you can see I’m 91% African, 7% European, 1% Native American and a smidgen or less than 1% Pacific Islander. That’s not a bad little mix there. I’m most interested in learning about the Cameroon/Congo culture since that is the biggest percentage at 27% then move down the list. I’m so happy that I did this and now I’m off to discover some cousins and culture that I never knew about. I encourage you to do the same and get your DNA tested as well.