Digital Interviews Are The Future

So lately I’ve been doing s number of interviews and I’ve noticed a new trend. This may not be new but just new to me. I’m doing a number of digital interviews. I’ve had three in the matter of two days.

For those of you like me who aren’t familiar with this concept it’s basically a video interview. They send you a few behavioral questions, you know “tell me a time when you encountered this” or tell me a time when you had to deal with that”, and you just record yourself answering the questions. If they like what they hear they’ll get back to you.

This concept seems kind of cool and where the future of job seeking is headed. No more trying to find a time to schedule a sit down interview, drive all the way there, ask the behavioral questions for about ten minutes and leave. All of that could be a huge waste of everyone’s time if you don’t fit or the company doesn’t fit with you. This way they don’t have to deal with all of that and the HR folks can probably get through more interviews this way.

The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t ask the employer any questions. What if I have a question about the hours or more about the job itself? I guess those questions would be answered at a later date of I’m chosen to move forward.

The digital interviews are cool with me because I can’t do them at my leisure and I don’t have to deal with traffic for a 10 minute interview.

Rookie Mistake

Uggh I can be so irresponsible at times. So I used to own the domain and used it for my business. Well I thought it was on automatic renewal but apparently it wasn’t. I find that kind of weird too because I have a bunch of different websites and domain names and they are all on auto renew so you would think that the most important one, my business website, would also be on auto renewal. Guess what I thought wrong!!

Now not only is the domain name gone but the person that bought it is trying to charge me some crazy amount to buy it back. Not happening. I am willing to give up the domain name before I pay someone that crazy amount that they are asking.

So anyway now I’m back to Which isn’t that bad until I get a new domain but it’s not the same either. I’m sure I’ll think of a new domain and this time make sure I put it on auto renewal. Such a rookie business mistake that cost me big time.

Cutting The Cable Cord

I’m really thinking about cutting the cord on cable for real. In the past I’ve flirted with it by downgrading to just basic or local channels so that I can get my news and some network shows. With the advancement of Hulu plus, Netflix and my Gbox I don’t actually watch television the same anymore. I rarely watch anything live. Most of the time I binge watch the season on Netflix or Hulu plus.

I’m just paying too much for something that I really don’t use. I think I’m going to officially do it next month and actually turn in the cable boxes so that way there is no turning back. All I really need in life is internet and I’m good. With the internet I can find whatever I want to watch and watch it at my leisure and not on the network’s schedule.

Run For Your Life

So Saturday I did this run/walk hybrid hosh-posh of a thing for 7.38 miles. That is the farthest I’ve ever gone at one time and I must say it felt kind of good. The farthest prior to that was 4.5 miles with 4 of that running and the final .5 walking.

I don’t even know what got into me. It was supposed to be a quick 2 mile jog around the neighborhood but like Forrest Gump I just kept on a running. I don’t know whether it was because it was a Saturday or because the weather was awesome or what. It whatever it is I now want to do it every Saturday.

A good run or walk always seems to put me in a better mood. It’s like it melts all the stress away. I love it and it’s a great way to keep me in those slim fit Levi’s without having to monitor my diet even more than I already do. And it’s greatly helps me manage my type 1 diabetes.

If you don’t run I suggest you give it a try or at least walking. It’s fall and the weather is nice out so put on some sneaker and pound that pavement or grass or dirt or whatever out there. You’ll thank yourself later. Trust me. Of course you want to consult with your doctor or a medical professional before beginning any type of exercise program.

Pulling Off That Casual Yet Dressy Vibe

Having a casual yet professional look is not always an easy thing to do. It’s not as simple as throwing on a pair of Jeans and a button down shirt and calling it a day. It involves careful planning and also having some confidence to pull the look off.

Start by wearing jeans that actually fit your body type. There are numerous websites that can assist you in finding the right jeans for your body type. I personally like the Levi’s jeans site and try their fit guide. And if you go into a Levi’s store there will more than likely be staff can help you find the right fit and maybe even a tailor on hand. I am only speaking from my personal experience but they are great at fittings and the jeans are not too expensive. You can also go to the larger more upscale department stores like Nordstrom or Von Maur and they can fit you as well. The main point is to find the jeans or pants that fit your body type. With jeans there is not one style that fits all. For example, I am about 5’6″ and around 135-140 lbs (yeah I know I’m small) so I would look best in a slim fit Jean. Not a skinny jean but slim fit. There is a difference.

Now on to the shirt. The button down shirt should not be too loose as it will make you look like a slob and the necktie or bowtie will not look right. If you button your shirt at the top and you can still stick your finger inside the collar and touch your neck it is too big. You can also get measured by a tailor or at a department store for the correct fit. I prefer the fitted dress shirt because it is a little tighter or form fitting than the regular fit but it is also not very forgiving so if you’ve had a few beers over the years and the gut to prove it then the slim or fitted may not be your best option. If you choose a regular fit I suggest that you try it on. This pretty much goes for all clothes really. A medium from one designer may actually be a small or large from another.

As you can tell having the correct fit is very important if you want to look any way other than a slob or bum. That look went out in the 90’s. The tailored look is in and hopefully for good.

Wearing a pair of sneakers with jeans a dress shirt and tie is okay for some occasions. I wear this combination often to work myself. Having the right pair of shoes is the key. You want something that will blend with the rest of the attire and not stick out too much. You don’t want it to look like you went to the gym before work and forgot to pack your dress shoes. You want it to look like the sneakers are a part of the outfit and something that you planned to do.

Something like this might work:

What you are looking at is a pair of black slim fit jeans, a red gingham pattern button down fitted dress shirt, a silver/gray bow tie (I can never tell the colors apart) and a pair of black/gray/red sneakers to tie everything together. This is not a hard look to pull off but it can be a bit tricky. Try to Mix and match your casual and dress wear in your closet and see what you can come up with.